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 It was Norman Cousins who wrote in his acclaimed book, 'Life systems of an Illness' that "In the event that something wakes up in others as a result of you, at that point you have made a way to deal with interminability." This amazing and praised quote wakes up when the life and seasons of the now demised Kenneth Banigo is reflected upon.

Kenneth Miebaradima Kalada Banigo was an exemplification of modesty, administration and cleverness, qualities that wake up each opportunity an individual goes over him. His proclivity to bestow and affect lives stays an amazing marvel that has been recognized by all who know him.


A fundamental assessment of his achievements from his adolescence to develop age and unavoidable die, the inescapability of his undertakings are a lot of got comfortable over the horizon of his region, state and nation. How one man could change from a specialist welder to a quintessential business visionary, political monster, and recognized altruist is no uncertainty overpowering. 

From his old neighborhood, Banigo Ishile-Ogono to Bonny rule town and the country over, this doyen of humanistic goodness has sprinkled his moving impact on individuals, families and establishments all through his huge remain on earth. Little wonder, his passing was is so far being felt by many. For the people who related exceptionally near and dear with him, it was irksome making a capability between his natural children and those he trained, developed or spurred. 

Kenneth Miebaradima Kalada Banigo, prominently known as 'Anabara Agu Mba', was a man of splendor with a massive limit with regards to hardwork and a profound feeling of public help whose instructive vocation discovered home at the celebrated Boyle Remembrance School, Bonny and Government Specialized School (GTC), Enugu where he got an Exchange Test 2 Endorsement in Welding.

In 1963, he worked as a structural welder with Whessoe Darlington Company during the construction of the Shell Petroleum Development Company’s Bonny Crude Oil Terminal (BCOT), Bonny. He later worked as an X-ray welder at Nissco Nigeria Limited, foreman at Whessoe Nigerian Limited, and diverse other roles at ACC Nigerian Limited, Eguta Ezeosu, Imo State, Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA), and Santaffe Nigeria Limited, Soku, where he was in charge of piling operations.

In his drive to create opportunities for those around him and expand the scope of his impact on human lives, he established a string of business entities such as his welding outfit, Ken’s Welding Nigeria Limited, Joekenali Nigeria Limited, Divine Guest House and Divine Farmers’ Cooperative. These became a thriving ecosystem of opportunities for many who by virtue of their working experience and business engagements across these entities leveraged from his wealth of experience, leadership qualities and business acumen.

It is on record that KMK Banigo, aka ‘Anabara Agu Mba’, aka, ‘Kenneth Manu Manu’, single-handedly registered the Bonny LGA chapter of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) Motorcycle Section. He also availed himself to national service when he served as the National Treasurer of the Nigerian Welders Association (NWA) where he demonstrated sterling capacity in terms of fiscal probity, accountability and transparency. These and several other roles gave him out as a man who wants the system to function optimally and also assure an atmosphere of functional opportunity sourcing.

On the political tuff, he exemplified astuteness, sagacity and dexterity in the various strategic and pioneering roles he played in the founding and fronting of several political movements such as the now defunct National Party of Nigeria (NPN), where he served as Chairman of Ward Three, comprising Andoni, Bonny and Opobo/Nkoro. He also served as Chairman of Ward 3 in the now defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP) that effectively delivered a landslide victory for its presidential candidate, the late Alhaji Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, GCFR in the famous June 12, 1993.

On the network front, as Network Head of Banigo Ishile-Ogono People group, the late Banigo assumed exceptionally vital functions to see to the upliftment of his friends and relatives; and progress of his locale. As a method of compensating his charitableness and able administration of the issues of his locale and the bigger Bonny Realm, the Banigo Iringeresibo Chieftaincy House by consistent agreement introduced Kenneth Miebaradima Kalada Banigo as a Warisenibo (house senior) in 2004. 

Having discovered him deserving of acknowledgment because of his positive personage and real commitments to the improvement of Bonny Realm, the Amanyanabo and Normal Leader of antiquated Stupendous Bonny Realm, His Highness, Ruler Edward Asimini William Dappa Pepple III, CON, Perekule XI made him an Ama-Opusenibo (nation senior) in 2006, which, unexpectedly, was the tenth commemoration as Lord on the Ruler Perekule Seat. He was additionally a beneficiary of a few honors from differing proficient and non-proficient bodies, for example, The Young Society, Trinity Philosophical School, and Young men Unit of Nigeria, among others. 

Presumably, as is officeholder on all natural sojourners, he has given to the extraordinary past yet his inheritances on different parts of human presence will keep on outlasting him. 

It can't be better said that the shoes he has deserted might be too huge for those behind him to fit in however there are desires that the characteristics he has guzzled in those he abandoned would accidentally fill in as a signal of light to manage them through the confounding labyrinth of life's way.

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