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Zazzau Emirate cancelled
Zazzau Emirate cancelled Sallah festivities 

The Zazzau Emirate Council on Thursday, said it has cancelled all kinds of Sallah festivities following the advice given by the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) on COVID-19 rules

In a statement on Thursday, Dan Isan Zazzau, who is equally Assistant Secretary Zazzau Emirate Council, Alh. Umar Shehu Idris said, “Muslim brothers and sisters are expected to obey the guidelines of social distancing, using of facemasks and hand sanitizers while going to the praying ground.”

The statement further advised that, individual worshippers should endavour to bring their mats and carpets to the praying ground as sharing will not be tolerated like it was done in the past. This is because of Coronavirus pandemic.

The statement warned those displaying, using motorcycles during the festive period to desist from such acts or else they will have themselves to blame.

The Emirate, therefore, prayed for a peaceful and a hitch-free Sallah Celebration in Zazzau Emirate and the nation as a whole.

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