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Camp Simba in Kenya attacked by terrorists with a car bomb 7 minutes ago. The United States of America has confirmed an attack on one of its military bases in East Africa - The joint US-Kenya military base codenamed Camp Simba was attacked at dawn on Sunday, January 5 by Al-Shabaab terrorists


The terrorist group said in a statement that the attack on Camp Simba was to destroy one of the bases used by America to stop the growth of its kind of religious faith A camp jointly operated by the United States of America and Kenya has been attacked by suspected terrorists in the East African country. The camp, codename Simba, was attacked in the early hours of Sunday, January 5. The news was posted by a United States security warning system on the social media platform, Twitter. According to the tweet, the attack was not on a US naval base as earlier thought but on Camp Simba which was operated by the US and Kenya military.The terrorists gained access into the camp through the use of a car bomb.The terrorists were said to have driven a bomb-laden car through the gates of the camp before the fighting began. As at the time of the tweet, there were reports of gunfire.

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