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The Chief of General Wellbeing, Enugu State, Dr. Boniface Okolo, has advised Nigerians against the utilization of drenched garri to abstain from reaching Lassa fever.

Okolo, who gave the admonition in a meeting with the News Office of Nigeria on Saturday in Enugu, said the rodents that cause the ailment were for the most part in contact with Nigeria's most well known staple nourishment, garri, a cassava item.


 To Avoid Positive Result On Lassa Fever Infection, Avoid Drinking Garri, GARRI

He added that it was important to debilitate utilization of drenched garri since it didn't require bubbled water.

Okolo noticed that bubbled water could go far in eliminating microscopic organisms brought about by irritation or rodents in garri.

"It is better that the cassava chips called garri is utilized for eba, in light of the utilization of high temp water.

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