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Queen Elizabeth II is a British monarch over the past decades. She turned 93 today 21st April, 2019. She was born on 21st April, 1926 during the reign of  King George V (George Frederick Ernest Albert).

Amazing Facts About Queen Elizabeth II

Birth & Longevity

Though she was born on April 21st, 1926, she also celebrates her other official birthday on the second Saturday in June. That means the Queen of England celebrates her birthday twice in a year. The double birthday tradition was initiated by King George II because of his love for summer celebration in 1748.
Queen Elizabeth II also currently hold the record for the Oldest Monarch in England, at 93 years. She also holds the record as the longest serving British Monarch by over two decades more than any other monarch. She has reigned over 14 prime ministers.


The queen is not required by law to pay tax, but Queen Elizabeth II, in 1992, commenced the payment of income tax on her private earnings. Although this was to pacify the people because of the cost incurred on the rehabilitation of her family's castle.

  Nature & Tech

The Queen is a lover of nature and technology.  She if fond of dogs and horses as she owned more than 30 corgi dogs. She inherited several thoroughbred racing horses after her father King George VI died in 1952.
Tech wise, the queen has been adapting to the series of technological changes. Her coronation was the first British coronation to be televised. She upgraded from sending of letters to electronic mails in the year 1976, which marked the first e-mail sent by the queen. She had her first tweeted in 2014 and posted on Instagram for the first time last month. The list is endless on her love for new technologies. 

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