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President Trump said he would try to visit Mount Rushmore on the Fourth of July to watch the planned fireworks.

"I called up our people and in 15 minutes got it approved, and we will have the first fireworks display at Mount Rushmore, and I will try and get out there if I can," Trump said Wednesday.

Trump has brushed off environmental concerns about the fireworks display at the South Dakota landmark,
which has not had fireworks since 2009 when they were discontinued over concerns related to the pine beetle infestation in the Black Hills National Forest.

A U.S. Geological Survey from 2016 pointed to past fireworks displays as the likely cause for increased concentrations of contaminants in groundwater near the monument.

South Dakota reached an agreement with the Interior Department to ensure the celebration is safe, Gov. Kristi Noem said in May.

"You also are going to have a very exciting Fourth of July," Trump told Noem in December.

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