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The National Bank of Nigeria is giving insurance free credits of up to N10,000,000 (Ten million Naira) to independent ventures in a plan called; Agric-Business/Little and Medium Undertakings Speculation Plan (AGSMEIS) 


The Plan bolsters governments arrangement measures for the advancement of agrarian organizations, miniaturized scale, little and medium undertakings (MSMEs) as vehicles for feasible monetary improvement and work age. 

Destinations of the Plan 

The destinations of the Plan are to: 

1. Improve access to reasonable and supportable fund by Agri-organizations, Miniaturized scale, Little and Medium Undertakings (MSMEs) 

2. Make business openings in Nigeria 

3. Lift the administrative limit of agri-organizations and MSMEs to develop the undertakings into enormous corporate associations in accordance with Bureaucratic Governmentss motivation to build up the genuine division and advance comprehensive development. 

Exercises secured by the Plan 

1. Organizations over the agrarian worth chain, covering generation, inputs 

supply, stockpiling, preparing, coordinations and showcasing. 

2. MSMEs in the genuine segment including assembling, mining and petrochemicals. 

3. MSMEs in the administration part including data and correspondence innovation (ICT) and the inventive business. 

Different exercises as the National Bank of Nigeria (CBN) may decide now and again. 


Financing under the Plan will be for new businesses, business extension or restoration of feeble organizations and must be in consistence with arrangements of BOFIA (1991) as changed The conditions of the advances will be as per the following: 

1. Advance point of confinement: N10,000,000 

2. Intrigue: 5% per annum 

3. Tenor: As long as 7 years (contingent upon the nature/development time of the venture) 

4. Ban: Limit of year and a half for head and a half year on intrigue. 

AGSMEIS Credit Plan THROUGH CBN EDIs Documentation Prerequisites 

Smaller scale, Little and Medium Ventures: 

1. Properly finished application structure 

2. Bank Confirmation Number (BVN) 

3. Testament of Preparing from perceived Business enterprise Improvement Organization (EDI) or proof of enrollment of sorted out private area affiliation. e.g of EDI, Lagos Business college, Place of Tara, Destiny Establishment, Flourish Agric and so forth to get to the credit 

4. Letter of Presentation from any of the accompanying, Church, Town Head, Locale Head, Conventional Ruler, senior government worker, and so on (for people/smaller scale undertakings as it were). 

5. Proof of enlistment of business name or declaration of fuse and documenting of yearly returns (where material) in consistence with the arrangements of the Organizations and Partnered Matters Act (1990). 

6. Expense ID Number (TIN) and current Duty Freedom Declaration (TCC) 

where pertinent 

Application Procedure 

Smaller scale, Little and Medium Undertakings: 

1. Enlist with a CBN ensured EDI for a one-week preparing 

2. Qualified candidates will get and present a finished application structure to the EDIs 

3. The EDI will examine, assess and submit applications to CBN. 

4. CBN will consider the application and welcome candidates for interviews 

5. Upon endorsement, CBN will support the credit and dispense to fundamental sellers as material.

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