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Dear Nigerian Man, whether or not your kid seems to be a Boy or a Girl depends additional on you than on the lady

Your sperms might either have the X or Y "sex gene"

A woman's eggs have solely X "sex gene"

To make Girlyou would like XX

To make a Boy, you would like YX

During ejaculation, between 40-150 million sperms are discharged into the vagina

Some carrying the X, others carrying the Y, swimming to the egg within the Fallopian tubes of the woman.

Out of the millions that were dischargedsolely a few hundred comes near to the egg.

Now the egg makes it way from the ovaries: the egg bank and makes it's way to the tubes, you recognize you gotta meet halfway if you want to get impregnated đŸ˜‰

Remember the egg solely has only the X looking forward to whatever you provides it.

Now the sperms are racing to fulfill it!
The egg lives for under 24 hours, whereas the sperms will live for about 5 days.

And no! The sperms don't seem to be competitive against one another to be the first to fertilize the egg

In fact, most of the work is completed by the womb. It helps the spermatozoon to the Fallopian tubes, towards the egg.

If an egg is fertile by a spermatozoon bearing X mark on its forehead l, it fuses with the X of the egg leading to a girl!

If it's the Y spermatozoon that fertilizedyou've got a boy!

At times, there is also errors that will cause an additional chromosome to be superimposed either an X or a Y,

But all in all, the man's spermatozoon holds the key to the baby's gender

It's still a game of chance, a 50/50 chance, some individuals can promise you drugs/foods that increase the probabilities of a male child being born, however it's all fantasy

Hasn't been evidenced yet!

You must have detected before that if you've got sex at once before biological process you would possibly give birth to a Boy, and a Girl if days after.

But a high profile study has found that this is often not entirely true!

There was no sex preference with regards to timing of sex, its a story for now

And no sexual style or position can have an effect on the sex of your baby.

If you wish, be a missionary or an expert within the faith of Sanskrit literature.

It won't give you a BOY or a GIRL.

Kindly share and drop your ideas beneath. if there's any update.

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