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Teni - Billionaira

It's a battle, being a Nigerian in Nigeria. In 2019, there are numerous motivations to feel a depressingly elevated level of dissatisfaction at the legislature and all that it speaks to. Likewise baffling, is the majority of the music which pervades the nation: one would expect relatable subjects of socio-political battles to go with the occasions we are in. One, be that as it may, would need to be Japanese, in light of the fact that in Nigeria, we can't go back and forth and murder ourselves.

Feel Good vibes has been pimped to its fullest, and drained for all its value. Artistes, as opposed to convey the nation on their shoulders, make the feet tap and the body move. It is on this, this pleasantness of music, that Teni, brought into the world Teniola Apata, has fabricated her music. The Fader depicted it (her music) as "snappy pop melodies intended to lift you up".

A solid combination of conventionalist African sounds and contemporary Pop, she has demonstrated herself to be a sharp understudy of the sonics, surprising the game as far back as the arrival of her 2017 hit 'Fargin". Teni would proceed to compose what is prominently viewed as probably the best tune of Davido's profession 'Like Dat' – an organization that may have been straightforwardly affected by the way that she was marked on to well known Davido-offshoot, the Nigerian maker Shizzi's 'Enchantment Fingers Records'. She be that as it may, left the mark and marked to Dr. Dolor Entertainment, an association she has portrayed as 'adaptable'.

As far back as that break-out, Teni has grasped the legislative issues of her quality in the music business. How she does this? By being oblivious to the legislative issues – she knows obviously, that a female artiste needs to sell a sexual intrigue, and be formed for the male look. She rather, alludes to this governmental issues, her life, one she doesn't need to demonstrate its legitimacy to anybody. A genuine case of being agreeable in one's skin, Teni has enchanted the country into adoring her, by righteousness of her realness.

She is broadly a comedian: her web based life recordings are verification of this. Additional evidence: to declare the arrival of what might be her presentation venture, she shared a clasp of her acting pregnant, apparently shouting for help and, when her partners show up, she asks them, "What is dropping?" and they all shout "Very rich person!" As in the event that we hadn't gotten a sufficient jaw-breaking rib-moving comic impression, Teni asks that Wizkid, her sweetheart, be called. What's more, certain enough, somebody in the video says: "Call Wizkid!" All these and that's only the tip of the iceberg, displays the liveliness of the Teni brand – even, it could be viewed as in excess of a brand: to numerous who have experienced her 'vibe' by and by, she is unbelievably genuine. What's more, this has charmed numerous to the demonstration who, most luckily, has unimaginable music going for her.

To analyze her introduction venture, one would make turn around moves to the occasions she failed to understand the situation: the idea of "Sugar Mummy" was in-brand, yet its execution needed consistency; she additionally, notoriously, was cautioned by pundits to discharge her collection when she was "popping", when she visited the world like an extravagant princess. These are undoings, yet Teni, with her most recent moves, have unknotted them.

"Very rich person" was 'the' single. Created by the phenomenal Pheelz, it is a mid-beat vibe which takes back her place into hearts that, by some uncommon possibility, was unstolen by "Power Rangers". With the arrival of the melody, which would later turn into this present task's title, she constrained her name once more into numerous significant dialogs, and it appeared that, regardless, we can't manage without a Teni.

Just about a moment into the opener, "Nowo", Teni slides into a celebratory Fuji beat that examples her own Askamanya. The generation in general, proceeds with this example and the radiance compliments her vocals flawlessly. For the event, she extrapolates a King Sunny Ade, and what great music!

The opener track establishes the tone for the remainder of the six-track EP, expectedly. Where she was rebelliously gaudy of her components there, "Whine" has no such modesty. Over a fun beat, she sings: "In the event that I no profit, wetin I gain?/Pull up in a blue range" This melody of wealth plays into the more stupendous account of being rich – Teni is, at the present time, without a doubt rich. "Super Woman" anyway makes light of this, all for the sake of adoration. Here, she sings as she generally does – enthusiastically, however the topic is fairly drained, and the tune a forgettable minute.

"Shayo", in any case, is energetic, and presents the most danceable minutes of the task. An enthusiastic generation behind Teni's exuberant voice, the tune would doubtlessly bring the best out of sweetheart Wizkid – it is a communitarian prospect she should consider. The last tune, "On the web", has lustrous Pop sauce even as there are the unobtrusive suggestions of guitar riffs and percussions. For the singing, Teni comes right, as she communicates cherishing solidarity to, as I assume, a sweetheart. Almost certainly it is a fitting near the collection.

Teni's presentation task is a solid one, a well-created EP which plays to her qualities. Not at all like the multiple times of the past where she played her hand on tests, she is increasingly cautious here: no tune sounds constrained, or unusual, and it is normal that the undertaking will pull in the numbers, by temperance of her amiability and star control; without a doubt her ability, as well. What's more, despite the fact that in a not so distant future, somebody will guess that Teni makes one kind of melody, it is a tune Teni is great at making.

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