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The Co-convener of 'Our Mumu Don Movement, prominently known as Charly Boy, has asserted that the Northern extraction won't clear power after President Muhammadu Buhari's second term in 2023.

Oputa, who was responding to the supposed virus war between the northern schemes in the country's Presidency and Vice President, Professor Yemi Osibanjo, talked during a radio political program, "Open Parliament" tied down in Umuahia, the Abia state capital, observed by at the end of the week.

The social pundit opined that the Igbo and the Yoruba ought to overlook the country's seat of intensity in 2023, guaranteeing that the Northern/Fulani caliphates were frantic to clutch control past 2023.

Oputa likewise set that he has lost trust in the zenith Igbo socio-social body, adding that Ohanaeze had neglected to talk truth with respect to the present territory of South East geopolitical zone in the contemporary Nigeria society.

He stated, "You know, Nigerians, we like to converse with a lot. I put stock in real life. I don't have faith in Ohanaeze Ndigbo. I don't have the foggiest idea what they are doing as commitments to see the advancement of South East and Nigeria as a country.

"Ndigbo can never get change. I know, the Yoruba individual is getting it, with the exception of they are visually impaired. I stated, the nation is debilitated. The individuals who are propagating themselves in government, they need to stay there, they need to bite the dust there. They don't like Nigeria.

"In this way, I let you know before this meeting I am incredibly disappointed with this nation, since, this isn't the means by which to run the nation, this is a banana republic. I don't share the perspective on Ohanaeze, in light of the fact that, no one is going anyplace in 2023. Despite everything they need to propagate themselves in control.

"It perplexes me a great deal. The variations from the norm have become the standards. Things are topsy turvy. That is the reason I call it banana republic. We have not gotten our can out from the one we are in, individuals are talking 2023 political decision. Where are we (Ndigbo) going? Wouldn't we be able to all recognize what would be inevitable?

"Why I said the South-West, just as South East zone won't get the Presidency in 2023, you can see, they are managing the Vice-President now. They rendered him unimportant. Things being what they are, who is straightaway?'

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